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Summary 0001020: Interface has no link to request for Assurer Certificate once CATS passed
Revision 2012-03-01 23:07 by Uli60
Additional Information start_test.php l.65 ff
  case "requestCert":
requires/requests a test id (t_id)
why in hell a t_id is required / requested if the individual test info is not used for the info to the assurer to send an email to education@c.o with the certs serial number ?!?

progress.php l.17 ff
showTable() lists the tests done

progress.class.php l.51 ff
in the for loop each progress will by analyzed about percentage
this can also include the check for CATS-passed
and to enable a link to request an Assurer Certificate
to display the info, how to request an Assurer Certificate

Revision 2012-03-01 21:10 by Uli60
Additional Information