0000954: [certificate issuing] script to bulk revoke weak keys (Ted)
0000940: [website content] Outsource Webdb text pages help.php?id=0..9 to wiki (Ted)
0000963: [source code] Logout Session not completely reset (NEOatNHNG)
0000959: [web of trust] add points tbl A unverified add (NEOatNHNG)
0000955: [organisational section] Possibilty to change the sorting order for the organisation overview (Uli60)
0000948: [source code] Email address verification violates SMTP protocol (Uli60)
0000942: [misc] CATS import interface is not fit to handle non-Assurer Challenge tests (NEOatNHNG)
0000921: [Audit issues] http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=10 fixes PP (Privacy Policy) (Uli60)
0000911: [GPG/PGP] Wrong expiration time in newly added GPG Key if Key has no Expire date (NEOatNHNG)
0000910: [website content] Replace "Board" list under http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=8 with Wiki Link (Ted)
0000897: [website content] Prerequisites to do code signing differ in About->Point System and CPS (Uli60)
0000868: [translations] Hint to the root distribution license is broken in german translation (Uli60)
0000841: Problems on cert login with "duplicate" serial numbers (WAS: Cannot create client certificate at https://cacert1.it-sls.de/) (NEOatNHNG)
0000819: [source code] Comparison instead of Assignment (NEOatNHNG)
0000818: [source code] Syntax Errors in Unused Code (NEOatNHNG)
0000717: [misc] Certificate login does not work for certificates signed by the class 3 root (Uli60)
0000716: [website content] non-intuitive to find out if one’s still an assurer (Uli60)
0000637: [logged out] Password suggestion always the same (NEOatNHNG)
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