• 0000895: [my account] Login to Testserver-Mgmt-System doesn't work (identified to have special char "ยง" in password) (edgarwahn)
  • 0000876: [website content] NRP-DaL to be removed immediately (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000867: [source code] code fix in /www/wot.php (edgarwahn)
  • 0000865: [misc] removal of unused /pages/wot/7-old.php (edgarwahn)
  • 0000831: [misc] (Missing) IPv6 DNS entries make mailserver reject mails (wytze)
  • 0000515: [website content] Please add a huge notice that TTP is not available in certain countries on TTP info page and forms (Uli60)
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