0000207: [source code] [security bug] cross site scripting
0000215: [certificate issuing] Challenge isnĀ“t verified on SPKAC requests (Sourcerer)
0000378: [source code] CCSR API SQL Injection (Sourcerer)
0000449: [website content] Bad web link on Orga Assurance page (Sourcerer)
0000544: [certificate issuing] personal client certificates without login capability (Sourcerer)
0000556: [certificate issuing] org certificate renewal doesn't work (Sourcerer)
0000582: [organisational section] Can not issue organisation server certificate (Sourcerer)
0000749: [website content] Broken Link on https://www.cacert.org/policy/AssurancePolicy.php (Sourcerer)
0000747: [translations] Assure someone => start notify mail => ERROR! Mail has sent (Uli60)
0000743: [website content] [Patch] cacert/pages/account/55.php: call to gettext inside a string (Sourcerer)
0000722: [Audit issues] server cert of OSCP server is expired (Sourcerer)
0000720: [my account] Unable to join (Sourcerer)
0000718: [website content] Broken Link: About CAcert - Mailing Lists (Sourcerer)
0000712: [translations] Typo in German domain verification mails
0000693: [website content] About- CAcert Board webpage can not be managed
0000668: [GPG/PGP] Confusing Output on key with a single UID (Sourcerer)
0000662: [certificate issuing] Issuing certificates via the CertAPI facility does not work [solution known] (Sourcerer)
0000651: [misc] Useless use of UTF-8 MIMEWords in E-Mail subjects (Sourcerer)
0000588: [account administration] Turn off old "candidate" Assurers (Uli60)
0000570: Change Your Authority Name from "Root CA" to "CAcert CA" + CRL distribution pbs
0000564: [website content] security contact information (Sourcerer)
0000522: DNS A record required to verify domain ownership
0000506: [web of trust] CCA agreement marking check on assurance page (teus)
0000504: [account administration] CCA agreement in CAP/COAP forms (teus)
0000443: [my account] All locations for Slovenia are broken (Sourcerer)
0000336: [certificate issuing] Verification mail and pages (Sourcerer)
0000227: [GPG/PGP] mysql_real_escape_string sometimes prevents adding of gpg keys (Sourcerer)
0000106: [website content] PHP Settings improvement (Sourcerer)
0000057: [GPG/PGP] Recognize multiple GPG keys in a signing request (Sourcerer)
0000012: [GPG/PGP] revoked subkeys are also tried to be signed (Sourcerer)
0000009: [account administration] a web ssl-enabled interface to upload sensitive documents for support@cacert.org
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