0001245: [Admin Interface] Admin Interface does not accept non-ASCII characters in question text and description (Ted)
0001303: [Other] TLS of cats.cacert.org is weak and outdated (jandd)
0001140: [User Interface] Show if a test is passed in learnprogress (Ted)
0001161: [Result Upload] Handle error reports by server in UploadResults.pl
0000756: [Admin Interface] While editing answers to questions of type multiple choice. It's not possible to add answers. (Ted)
0000757: [User Interface] For some reason I really expect the CAcert logo to be hyperlinked to de website. (Ted)
0000889: [User Interface] Login with Client Certs class3 doesn't work - login with Client Cert Class1 works (Ted)
0000514: [User Interface] logged in as box not visible with Safari 3.0.4 (tigerp)
0000510: [User Interface] Organisation certificates must not be accepted for Login (Ted)
0000474: [Database] Privacy issues concerning user table (Ted)
0000476: [Database] user_address table contains sensitive information and should be treated as such (Ted)
0000472: [User Interface] Progress cannot be shown (Ted)
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