0000412: [misc] please remove sqldump.php (Sourcerer)
0000480: [certificate issuing] Can't renew/revoke certificate (Sourcerer)
0000521: [GPG/PGP] Wrong expiration date (Sourcerer)
0000600: [source code] NS Client certs can be created with an arbitrary email address attached. (Sourcerer)
0000643: [my account] verify domain fails
0000640: [certificate issuing] Root cert returns 404 (Sourcerer)
0000605: [website content] bugs.cacert.org => General information
0000604: [translations] German Translation: Menu section "Streifälle/Mißbrauch"
0000603: [translations] Deutsche Uebersetzung: My Details - My Points
0000599: [source code] XSS exploit in general.php/waitForResult (Sourcerer)
0000595: [source code] Arbitrary addition to list of email addresses valid to verify a domain as being under the control of the user. (TheSourcerer)
0000559: [CAcert Stamp] incorrect relativ links (Sourcerer)
0000558: [website content] CAcert Board member listing wrong (Sourcerer)
0000557: [my account] certificate not revocable (Sourcerer)
0000555: [certificate issuing] Impossible to create client certificate with no mailaddress
0000542: [website content] certificate expire information on http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=19 are wrong (Sourcerer)
0000501: [website content] assurance challenge notice (Ted)
0000499: [my account] Need to store and display "Passed the Assurer Challenge" status (Ted)
0000487: [CAcert Stamp] mantis bugtracker needs update to 1.1.1
0000419: [certificate issuing] Typo in automated message regarding cert renewal (Sourcerer)
0000415: [source code] cacert.sql file in current source download file (20070207) is out of date (Sourcerer)
0000414: [tverify] [Tverify] Need a list of still pending request (Sourcerer)
0000361: [website content] Orga-Admin area is not Multi-Tab safe (Sourcerer)
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