0000143: [logged out] nobody is perfekt (Sourcerer)
0000310: [misc] New Colo (Sourcerer)
0000346: [website content] Root certificate and Fingerprint on unsecure Site (Sourcerer)
0000469: [GPG/PGP] No email address shown in keylisting (Sourcerer)
0000464: [misc] IRC nicknames cannot be registered if longer that 9 characters
0000461: [misc] Bugtracker should default to https
0000456: [translations] Error message in https://secure.cacert.org/account.php unstralated (german) (Sourcerer)
0000455: [GPG/PGP] GPG key without E-mail address cannot be signed
0000453: [organisational section] linking to deleted accounts (Sourcerer)
0000447: [GPG/PGP] You can have any arbitrary userid signed with the cacert root key (Sourcerer)
0000441: [certificate issuing] ocsp class 3 organisations certifiacte not working (Sourcerer)
0000436: [GPG/PGP] Any live SMTP call stage of domain email before domain email checking (Sourcerer)
0000432: [web of trust] Error message after sending reminder (Sourcerer)
0000418: [website content] Remove links to news.php (Sourcerer)
0000417: [website content] http://www.cacert.org/docs/ shows directory listing (Sourcerer)
0000410: [certificate issuing] Status of certificate not reflected on website (Sourcerer)
0000382: [misc] Support Mailinglist (cacert-support@lists.cacert.org) bounces mails
0000373: [misc] Password reset (epilitimus)
0000368: [web of trust] Wrong URL for Location Editing (epilitimus)
0000367: [website content] e-mail contact via contact formular on www.cacert.org to find assurer seems not to be working (epilitimus)
0000365: [website content] Class3 Fingerprint (Sourcerer)
0000364: [website content] Text Download for Root Certs (epilitimus)
0000345: [certificate issuing] Class 3 client certificates are not accepted for email signing by SeaMonkey and Thunderbird (epilitimus)
0000343: [GPG/PGP] Don't get my gpg key signed, but no error message (duane)
0000337: [certificate issuing] Race condition in the Database (Sourcerer)
0000334: [organisational section] OU value not set in an Organisational certificate even though "Department" is supplied when creating certificate
0000324: [certificate issuing] Cannot issue "Client cert" with OU from the new org client cert form
0000322: [web of trust] Alternative names arenĀ“t found (Sourcerer)
0000312: [certificate issuing] removed except the CommonName field (Sourcerer)
0000280: [my account] Impossible to be localised in France
0000258: [GPG/PGP] signs uids with unverified email addresses (Sourcerer)
0000236: [GPG/PGP] I always get "No emails found on your key" when trying to sign a GPG Pubkey (Sourcerer)
0000202: [certificate issuing] broken index.txt (Sourcerer)
0000184: [GPG/PGP] No Resigning, when GPG-Key is signed (Sourcerer)
0000139: [GPG/PGP] CAcert does not sign previously signed Sub-IDs (Sourcerer)
0000059: [certificate issuing] Problem in translation (Sourcerer)
0000054: [organisational section] Issue org code signing certs (Sourcerer)
0000027: [website content] 0000022: CAcert certificate seal verification service broken
0000409: [certificate issuing] Emails after cert generation have wrong link to certificate (Sourcerer)
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