0000050: [my account] problem in assurance point handling
0000113: [account administration] Rounding errors
0000107: [account administration] Replacing Locations for France
0000098: [website content] Calendar on blog.cacert.org seems to have RAM Problems
0000097: [website content] URL points to MantisBT instead of CAcert.org
0000085: [website content] Login Redirect broken (duane)
0000079: [website content] Location Database: Rename London
0000072: [my account] Location needs to be renamed
0000063: [web of trust] I issued ZERO assurance points by mistake
0000062: [certificate issuing] Interoperability between Symantec Web Security Server and CAcert (duane)
0000011: [certificate issuing] Class 3 certificate migration (duane)
0000007: [organisational section] Mantis is misconfigured (duane)
0000004: [my account] 0000030: Missing Cities in the WoT Assurer Location list (duane)
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