• 0000929: [misc] GPG/PGP menu items expand the wrong root (BenBE)
  • 0001221: [web of trust] Inconsistency in Assurance Management (BenBE)
  • 0001138: [account administration] Implement to log the SE activity (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000413: [certificate issuing] Add a web page indicating the certificate request is still pending (BenBE)
  • 0001275: [organisational section] Missing quotes around"masteracc" array index (BenBE)
  • 0001272: [certificate issuing] Arbitrary Code Execution via SQL injection on certain database fields (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0001266: [certificate issuing] Second-Level SQL Injection in Certificate-related queries (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0001184: [GPG/PGP] Hex2bin function (BenBE)
  • 0001265: [misc] Notification about Heartbleed OpenSSL bug to members (BenBE)
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