0001288: [account administration] Support STARTTLS when doing a ping mail (NEOatNHNG)
0001263: [certificate issuing] Feature Request: Support OpenNIC TLDs (wytze)
0001226: [web of trust] add DoB to selection of assuree (BenBE)
0001293: [website content] Replace CCA document with new DRAFT version (BenBE)
0001297: [source code] includes/lib/check_weak_key.php is broken after upgrade to Debian Wheezy with openssl 1.0 (BenBE)
0001298: [source code] CommModule code requires a trivial change to run with Debian Wheezy (BenBE)
0001292: [certificate issuing] Issuing Certificates with "Public Exponent: 1 (0x1)" (BenBE)
0001276: [GPG/PGP] Middle Initial Matching for uid on GPG identities (BenBE)
0001291: [web of trust] executable code can be entered in location field, executable on wot15 (NEOatNHNG)
0001172: [source code] Move the database engine from myISAM to InnoDB (BenBE)
0001283: [web of trust] WoT Contact form shows additional locales double-HTML-encoded (egal)
0001281: [website content] Internal Error on training page (egal)
0001280: [web of trust] WOT: Contact Assurer form does not print preferred language (BenBE)
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