• 0001341: [my account] Rate limit for login attempts (BenBE)
  • 0001361: [GPG/PGP] Remove dead code from gpg.php file (BenBE)
  • 0001146: [website content] push the clean DRAFT TTP-assisted-assurance Sub policy onto the main website (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000773: [certificate issuing] No confirmation of revocation of server certificate (BenBE)
  • 0000597: [account administration] email notification for revoked certificates (BenBE)
  • 0001345: [website content] replace DRAFT CCA with POLICY CCA (BenBE)
  • 0001131: [website content] Rename _all_ Policies from .php to .html and fix all links (was: Rename PolicyOnPolicy.php to .html) (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000482: [account administration] Certificates are automatically revoked on deletion of email address
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