0000460: [GPG/PGP] Please disable GPG signing until we have a production-quality system (Sourcerer)
0000571: [account administration] need for email addresses (or link) in admin console (NEOatNHNG)
0001072: [my account] CATS results don't get imported due to IP address change (NEOatNHNG)
0001041: [translations] German version of new point calculation inconsistend in use of "Sie" and "Du" (NEOatNHNG)
0001033: [web of trust] User can grant more then 35 points (NEOatNHNG)
0001027: [website content] Add information for affiliate program from booking.com (egal)
0001014: [web of trust] Remove the system of automatically adding a timestamp (INOPIAE)
0001011: [translations] HTML tags in translations are not escaped (NEOatNHNG)
0001002: [web of trust] Contact Assurer form leaves a funny comment after sending (NEOatNHNG)
0000997: [web of trust] Two confusing strings (INOPIAE)
0000606: [translations] French translation for "Assure Someone" (INOPIAE)
0000567: [web of trust] Cannot assure someone with uppercase letters in the email address (INOPIAE)
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