• 0000981: [organisational section] New layout of view for Organisation Administraors in account/id35 (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0001075: [web of trust] On the assure someone page the links to the CAP-forms do not work (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0001024: [misc] Assurer flag is not set correctly on updatesort.php run (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0001019: [my account] Contact form does not work when logged in! (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000967: [organisational section] Give an OA the oppertuntiy to check if a desiginated Organisation Admininistrator is a CAcert assurer (egal)
  • 0000866: [source code] code fix in /scripts/addpoints.php (edgarwahn)
  • 0000855: [account administration] Fix adding TTP assurance method on testserver (was: admin console lists "empty" and "Unknown" ...) (Uli60)
  • 0000789: [organisational section] Editing domain for organisations does not work (NEOatNHNG)
  • 0000003: [certificate issuing] Single Character Middle Initial clear name from subject (Uli60)
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