0000489: [web of trust] Pb on rewarding 2 points for an assurance (INOPIAE)
0001114: [website content] Change CAcert postal address to the current one on index/11.php (NEOatNHNG)
0001111: [website content] Change the text on the TTP page according to the new TTP programm (NEOatNHNG)
0001110: [translations] Please add new language (NEOatNHNG)
0001109: [website content] Add SWIFT Number to Australian Bank Account (NEOatNHNG)
0001083: [organisational section] Resize comment field for adding new organisation administrators (BenBE)
0001080: [organisational section] The link on page to iso code on account.php?id=24 show no result (BenBE)
0001074: [web of trust] Wrong display of method on points page wot.php?id=10 (Uli60)
0000978: [certificate issuing] Invalid SPKAC requests are not properly validated (BenBE)
0000977: [account administration] admin console Sysadmin - find domain - lists 2 tables - one for user accounts, one for org accounts, naming issue (NEOatNHNG)
0000860: [my account] someone accessed your password and secret questions page, plz change pwd translation mixed and garbled, text is tanslated in TL (BenBE)
0000590: [account administration] Join procedure must get Agreement to CCA (Uli60)
0001091: [web of trust] Improve message to Assurer (egal)
0001125: [website content] Testsystem main page, contact form, better text
0001106: [source code] Add new fields to the database (INOPIAE)
0001081: [translations] https://secure.cacert.org/account.php shows funny characters (INOPIAE)
0000975: [account administration] report potential database inconsistency in SE console (debug infos) (Uli60)
0000938: New Org Client Certs form with two buttons and only one function? (Uli60)
0000857: Button on confirmation page after sending an email to contact an assurer is in English instead of German (INOPIAE)
0000715: Ability to mass-mail Assurers
0000579: [certificate issuing] Link text does not change with its own function. (INOPIAE)
0000568: [certificate issuing] client certificate login ability not saved on submission
0000543: [website content] The "Join"-page https://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=1 needs some info how names should be entered
0000516: [website content] Copyright notice stating 2006 when logged in
0000507: [website content] house style incorporation into web pages (INOPIAE)
0000503: [website content] use new CAcert logo (INOPIAE)
0000502: [website content] reference to policy documents on web site
0000468: [certificate issuing] No Keyids, serials in cert/key lists and emails
0000435: [GPG/PGP] typos in cert email creation (INOPIAE)
0000433: [account administration] The example password can be used on registration (INOPIAE)
0000424: [account administration] Text for domain validation insufficient (INOPIAE)
0000423: [certificate issuing] Add Support for Organizational (Organisational) Codesigning Certificates (INOPIAE)
0000383: [certificate issuing] You've been assured e-mail has a typo (english)
0000379: [account administration] problem on page "forgotten password"
0000370: [translations] The form to find an Assurer is not translated. (INOPIAE)
0000362: [certificate issuing] Organisational Code Signing Certificates (INOPIAE)
0000315: [organisational section] Broken Org admin link / try and add an Org admin
0000307: [source code] make_hash broken (INOPIAE)
0000235: [website content] would like to have statistics per region back
0000214: [certificate issuing] Uniqueness of public keys accross different users (Sourcerer)
0000123: [account administration] Find user does not show unverified users (INOPIAE)
0000103: [account administration] Administrative interface doesn't show certificates (INOPIAE)
0000095: [website content] Assurance suggestion
0000042: [website content] Add a link to the HowTo┬┤s, that are available on the Frontpage
0000039: [GPG/PGP] 0000028: Add the PGP Key ID to the list of signed Keys (Sourcerer)
0000034: [website content] 0000010: Contact Us Page (General Layout)
0000023: [website content] 0000013: Cookie-Warning on Login Page
0000020: [website content] 0000005: General wording
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