0000777: [account administration] Slow reply when searching for a user account (INOPIAE)
0000922: [account administration] CAcert application code problem causing missing "certificate about to expire" messages (NEOatNHNG)
0001159: [source code] it might be possible to execute commands on the signing server (BenBE)
0001121: [my account] Record the CCA acception for the account creation (NEOatNHNG)
0001102: [website content] New Class3 root Policy links to http://www.CAcert.org/index.php?id=10; page displays: plz correct link (MartinGummi)
0000999: [account administration] When revoking an assurance in the SE console the messagebox is unclear (egal)
0001134: [source code] Delete the board flag thourougly in all parts of our software (NEOatNHNG)
0001008: [account administration] View for SE to see if user is Organisation Admin for which Organisation Accounts (NEOatNHNG)
0000740: [website content] How to become an assurer is missleading
0001124: [my account] Selection of additional languages, sorting is somewhat strange
0000602: [website content] navigation bar - About CAcert.org Menu section missing if logged in
0001122: [account administration] Give Support the chance to see when the first and the last CCA acception took place
0001094: [my account] Wrong information shown when disputing a domain that is part of a organisation account.
0001165: [certificate issuing] Wrong wording for explanation of the organisation assurances. found in ../pages/account/10.php:29
0001154: [website content] Failed client cert login message talks about wrong menu item "Normal Login" instead of "Password Login"
0001171: [misc] cron-driven warning.php script causes annoying warnings
0001099: [misc] Automatic CAcert's root certificate install on Windows via Internet Explorer.
0001112: [website content] Exchange the text on the TTP page according to the new TTP programm
0001144: [misc] cacert.org enables TLS Compression (which is insecure, CRIME-attack)
0001063: [source code] Review the code regarding the new point calculation in ./scripts/nearest.php
0000044: [my account] Promoting users to become assured (MartinGummi)
0000067: [website content] Website is incomprehensible for first time assurers (tgage)
0000483: [certificate issuing] Please send more verbose emails concerning certificate revocation (INOPIAE)
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