0000827: [tverify] Tverify points to be deprecated (egal)
0000966: [organisational section] Delete Admin for [organization] deletes admin even though cancel button is pressed (Ted)
0000957: [organisational section] Resize the comment field on https://secure.cacert.org/account.php?id=27 so more information is visible (NEOatNHNG)
0000909: [source code] too many error messages logged by php code (Uli60)
       0000968: [source code] split 0000909: too many error messages logged - part II - general.php (Ted)
0000908: [source code] Session unregister when logging out seems to contain bugs (Uli60)
0000894: [Audit issues] problems with check-boxes on website forms (Assure someone) -> a20091118.3 (NEOatNHNG)
0000882: [account administration] display Assurance when field in list of assurances received, assurances given by a user in admin console interface (Uli60)
0000871: [website content] Typo in german CAP Form (Uli60)
0000596: [account administration] add column serial# in certs overviews (client, server, orgclient, orgserver) (NEOatNHNG)
0000976: [misc] List of update request for webdb database structure upgrade with tables / fields (Uli60)
0000846: [website content] Better guidance of bonafide members in Join Form about Suffixes they doesn't have in their ID doxs (a20100207.2) (Ted)
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