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0001007Main CAcert WebsiteAudit issuespublic2012-12-26 05:29
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Summary0001007: add 5 Experience points for ATE attendance form
Descriptionco-auditors to add experience points to user accounts that attended an ATE
a. who is co-auditor? needs flag definitions
b. confirmation of primary email address of attendee is only given in
   co-audited assurance by mutual assurance

is it allowed to attend several ATEs and receiving a multiple of 5 experience points? so an assurer can become experienced assurer by only attending ATEs?

System modifications / AddOns
1. SE console: add co-auditor flag to be set by SE
2. Assurance form for adding experience points method: Attended ATE

Further tasks:
board motion to pass by AP 4.4

project set to low priority based on other bugs with higher priority
as of
a. Thawte points removal, final step
b. TTP-assisted-assurance system implementation
c. PoJAM case, system implementations
d. Arbitrated patches requests

Additional Informationoriginal post by Alex
 || tbd. || Create script for adding experience points for Assurers who have attended an ATE. Input: List of primary Mail addresses whose accounts shall be touched. List has to be mainly confirmed by organizer and agreed by co-auditors present || || {-} ||
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related to 0000223 confirmed Auditor Interface 
related to 0000852 needs work Feature request: Addition to the SE interface so that it is possible to add and remove arbitraty numbers from Experience Points 


Werner Dworak

2012-12-26 05:29

updater   ~0003564

I suggest not to give this capability to the co-autitors but to the SEa. The SEs have according access rights anyway, so no new flag is required. And the workload for the SEs is not very high.

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