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0001014Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-15 18:09
ReporterKarstenHoffmeyer Assigned ToINOPIAE  
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Platformx86, 32-bitOSNTOS Version5.1
Fixed in Version2012 Q2 
Summary0001014: Remove the system of automatically adding a timestamp
DescriptionThe field date of assurance gets automatically filled with a date and a timestamp in case the assurance gets entered into the system the same day the assurance took place (of cause you have to indicate this during the process of entering the assurance). The automatic inclusion of a timestamp should be abandoned.

Additional InformationThere will always be a delay between the time of the assurance and the time the assurance gets entered into the system. At best the delay is only within the acceptable range of half an hour. According to my experience this is only the case on rare occasions. Thus a misleading and incorrect timestamp gets automatically added to the datestamp. I believe the timestamp has little to no value too thinking of possible arbitrations years later.
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2012-02-12 13:48

administrator   ~0002829

You are talking about the same functionality that is also in the production system right?

Would it be better to only use the current date? I could also think of prefilling the form with the date of today if there was no previous assurance entered and completely disallowing the empty value.


2012-02-13 12:50

reporter   ~0002830

Thank you for retagging this report. Actually I had no clue what to select. :(

I thought that this field is already mandatory. I never tried to save without entering a date. It imho should be mandatory, no matter if the assurance gets entered the same day or at a later day.

Yeah, that's it, just the current date without the misleading time information. So far both date and time get prefilled in case the assurance gets entered the same day. In case it gets entered on another day I may remain as is.


2012-05-28 09:40

updater   ~0003012

This problem is solved with the actual solution of bug 1023

Werner Dworak

2012-12-21 05:30

updater   ~0003531

More than 3 month fixed and no complaints

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