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0001022Main CAcert Websitetranslationspublic2012-12-26 17:17
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Summary0001022: Configure Machine Translation for Pootle
DescriptionPlease configure machine translation for Pootle on, to make translations easier. Translingo was using Google Translator API, which speeded up translation a lot. Please enable it for Pootle as well.
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Werner Dworak

2012-12-26 17:17

updater   ~0003570

No, I strongly object.

As SE I often use and Google translate and more than often the results are bloodcurdling and disastrous. For a quick answer I often have no other choice. If I have the impression that I don't understand what the member really wants, I look for a human translator. And from English to a foreign language I carefully check if the result of the automatic translation looks plausible. Often enough I change the English text to achieve a better translation.

But for our translation data base we have more than enough time, so we shall have a really good translation by a human translator, preferably a native speaker. There shall be no ambiguities and misunderstanding. Quality here clearly has precedence before speed or simplicity.

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