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0001031Main CAcert WebsiteAudit issuespublic2018-11-18 13:46
Reporterclopez Assigned ToPatrick  
Status fix availableResolutionopen 
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Summary0001031: Disable use of insecure function mysql_escape_string()
Descriptionmysql_escape_string() is insecure


And its used on core parts like password user logging:

$ grep -rl mysql_escape_string .

Theoretically this can be exploited to perform a SQL Injection attack.

Please replace all mysql_escape_string() occurrences with the secure mysql_real_escape_string(

You can do this simply executing this command on the topdir:

grep -rl mysql_escape_string . | xargs sed -i "s/mysql_escape_string/mysql_real_escape_string/g"
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related to 0001260 needs workBenBE Make the source compatible with recent PHP versions 
related to 0001442 needs review & testingGuKKDevel Rewrite code to use ext/mysqli API (or PDO_MySQL) instead of ext/mysql 
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2015-02-27 22:06

updater   ~0005336

I quickly wrote the fix.


2018-11-18 13:46

administrator   ~0005684

Note that 0001442 also replaces mysql_real_escape_string, by mysqli_real_escape_string.

So, once bug-1442 is installed this issue is obsolete.

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