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0001037Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2012-05-08 20:27
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Summary0001037: Message text is wrong for disputing an primary email address from an account with a domain inside of the account
DescriptionWhen I try to dispute the primary email address of an account that still has an domain inlcuded the error message is the following:
This was the primary email on the account, and no emails or domains were left linked so the account has also been removed from the system.

The text should be the following:
This was the primary email of an account that still holds at least on more email address or a domain. To dispute this email address all other email addresses and domains need to be disputed first before you can go on.

Please check if only a change of wording is neccessary or if the error handling needs to be changed.

The text is found in disputes.php line 82
Additional InformationBy looking at the code it seems to me that the whole section needs an review as the check in line 74 to 79 seems wrong for me.
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