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Summary0001039: Cyber peretas nomor 085823771018
DescriptionCyber muslim
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2012-05-12 18:33

reporter   ~0002993

"Program Uwierzytelniania CAcert
Formularz Weryfikacji To¿samo¶ci"
instead of
"Program Uwierzytelniania CAcert
Formularz Weryfikacji Tożsamości"

"O¶wiadczenie Kandydata"
should be
"Oświadczenie Kandydata"

"Imiê i Nazwisko:"
should be:
"Imię i Nazwisko:"

"Zgadzam siê z CAcert Community Agreement."
should be:
"Zgadzam się z CAcert Community Agreement."

"Okazane Dokumenty To¿samo¶ci ze zdjêciem:"
should be:
"Okazane Dokumenty Tożsamości ze zdjęciem:"

"Miejsce Spotkanie Twarz± w Twarz:"
should be:
"Miejsce Spotkania Twarzą w Twarz:"

"Jestem cz3onkiem spo3eczno¶ci CAcert, zda3em Assurance Challenge, i posiadam conajmniej 100 pkt potwierdzenia."
should be:
"Jestem członkiem społeczności CAcert, zdałem Assurance Challenge i posiadam nie mniej niż 100 pkt wiarygodności."

Also when name contain character from encoding other than iso8859-1 there is also a problem.

Account with name(s) containing non-latin1 characters are not useable.


2012-05-12 20:43

reporter   ~0002994

In the Dutch version there are some inconsistencies: Capitalisation, Use of words, among others. See attached file.


2012-05-12 21:00

updater   ~0002995

Taken from a mail of Guy Scharinger

Hello everybody,

no default detected in the CAP form in French


Guy Scharinger


2012-05-13 12:30

reporter   ~0002996

In the spanish version, I've not seen any special letter problem.

However, a word is not well translated: "veridicado" should be written "verificado".

In pottle terminology, it is correct (verified = verificado)


2018-12-16 12:37

manager   ~0005714

Czech generated version is completely unusable - most letters with diacritic signs are missing! See the example.
cap.pdf (27,473 bytes)


2019-01-18 21:17

administrator   ~0005739

This issues occur when languages use non cp-1252 characters, like the eastern european (czech, polish, ...).

We should probably use the UTF-8 version of the FPDF library:


2020-05-12 18:24

reporter   ~0005882


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