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0001072Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-15 18:19
ReporterNEOatNHNG Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
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Fixed in Version2012 Q2 
Summary0001072: CATS results don't get imported due to IP address change
DescriptionDue to a change in the routing on TUNIX the source IP address of the CATS server changed.
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Reviewed bydastrath, Ted, NEOatNHNG
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related to 0001107 new CACert CATS Manual has only one page, which is mostly empty 



2012-06-09 21:33

administrator   ~0003059

Fix is available. Can not be tested on the test server because there the CATS local CATS server of course has a different IP address.


2012-06-09 21:34

administrator   ~0003060

Dirk reviewed the fix with the following comments: resolves correctly to the new (changed) ip-adress ...

the is unknown to me, but i was able to find it in the wiki ...

maybe wytze or mendel can confirm these ip-adresses for when applying this patch ...


2012-06-09 21:34

administrator   ~0003061

Relevant file is /www/cats/cats_import.php


2012-06-09 21:50

administrator   ~0003062

Last edited: 2012-06-09 21:51

According to the error message the server sees the source IP, so this one should be implemented correctly.

I don't know about, according to ifconfig the CATS server uses behind the firewall.

IIRC (yes, such things should be worth a comment, but obviously I made none) the second IP address was introduced to allow a clean transfer of the CATS server to another machine. The old second address of seems to be from the same subnet as, which was the initial server for development...

So probably the second address is currently obsolete and might be set to the same address as the first one, but an internal address should not do much harm also.

Reviewed the changes, they are acceptable.


2012-06-09 22:33

administrator   ~0003063

Mail sent to critical admins.


2012-06-10 11:18

administrator   ~0003064

Fix installes by Mendel on main webserver.

According to logfiles result upload did succeed at Sun Jun 10 09:15:02 2012


2012-06-11 09:18

developer   ~0003066

To clarify the confusion about internal IP and

There are currently actually two firewalls in front of the cats server (and all other CAcert infrastructure servers), both performing NAT
* The first (external) firewall maps between external IP and internal IP
* The second firewall (on infra01) maps between and The latter address is the one seen by the cats software itself.

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