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0001110Main CAcert Websitetranslationspublic2013-03-21 07:37
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Summary0001110: Please add new language
DescriptionWe startet translations into lingala.
englisch: Lingala
lingala: Lingála

1. Please add this new language.
2. Would it be possible that anywhere we not translated until now to lingala could apear text/message in french instead of english? Reason: Lingala speaker learn french at school and not english. (Well, the second point is a nice to have wish, if it is posible).
Thank you.
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2012-12-10 00:53

administrator   ~0003390

The language was added on the translation server. For the language to be included on the main CAcert website at least 10% of the strings should be translated.

For setting french as the fallback language: that is currently not possible because of the way gettext works: developers enter strings in the original language (which is English for CAcert) and mark them as translatable. Then the translatable strings get extracted by a tool, then translated on the translation server, and reimported into the software. Now every time the software sees a translatable string it looks whether it can find a translation for that string in the language currently set. If there is one it is used in place of the original string but if it can't find a translation it just displays the original string. As far as I know it is not possible to select a secondary language.

Werner Dworak

2013-03-21 07:37

updater   ~0003837

More than 3 months solved

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