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0001119Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-05-21 19:31
ReporterINOPIAE Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2012 Q4 
Fixed in Version2013 Q1 
Summary0001119: Error importing CRL to Firefox/Thunderbird
Descriptionthere seems to be a larger problem with CRL import into to Firefox/Thunderbird.

see cacert-support@l.c.o Novemer/December 2012
subject: Error importing CRL to Firefox/Thunderbird
Additional Informationmay be a change of the signature algorithym and signature hash algorithym from md5 to something newer.
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Reviewed byNEOatNHNG, BenBE
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related to 0000318 needs workSourcerer OpenPGP CRL 
related to 0001001 new Need a way to set up redundant OCSP responders 



2012-12-04 10:58

updater   ~0003377

please report your OS/Browser (incl revion#) combination test results under


2012-12-04 21:53

updater   ~0003378

Last edited: 2012-12-04 21:58

* FF about:config parameter security.enable_md5_signatures ->
 a. false: crl import fails with error code:ffffe0b0
 b. true: crl import success

OpenSSL info of CRL reports: md5 rsa key

proposed fix: deliver CRLs with sha1 encryption


2012-12-12 00:26

updater   ~0003397

downloaded crl from Testserver
both show sha-1 as encryption methods

both crl could be imported into FF 17 =>ok



2012-12-12 00:48

updater   ~0003398

download CRL class1, class3

response says:
download from

create new user

100 AP, 50 EP
create class3 client cert with username
bug1119.user1@w.d 10DF Not Revoked 2013-01-10 23:49:04


use link under
2.6 - right mouse click, download/save as
openssl crl -in cacert1-revoke.crl -inform DER -text|less

Certificate Revocation List (CRL):
        Version 2 (0x1)
        Signature Algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption
=> ok

openssl crl -in cacert1-class3-revoke.crl -inform DER -text|less
Certificate Revocation List (CRL):
        Version 2 (0x1)
        Signature Algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption
=> ok

check/set FF about:config
security.enable_md5_signatures -> False

starting (auto download)
runs w/o errors
  (asks: enable auto update?)
=> ok

=> all ok now


2012-12-12 08:36

reporter   ~0003403

I confirm the findings of INOPIAE and Uli60:

works perfectly in Firefox 17.0.1 and Thunderbird 17.0 (Linux OpenSuse 12.1 64bit).

This also works when the config parameter security.enable_md5_signatures is set to false (its default), i.e. when importing the CAcert CRLs from the production server fails.

One remark:
Firefox and Thunderbird seem to index saved CRLs by what is specified as "Organizational Unit" (OU) in the issuer field of the CRL. On the test server this is "OU=" for both class-1 and class-3 CRL, so at least the autoupdate settings are confused between the two CRLs. On the production system, it is "OU=" for class 1 and "OU=" for class 3 (with different capitalization), so here the Mozilla programs distinguish between the different CRLs. Although this might be regarded as a bug or weakness in the Mozilla products, I suggest to stick to different OU entries for the two CAcert CRLs in order to avoid problems.


2012-12-14 11:01

updater   ~0003431

Roger L reported via mail: seems to work for me
in Firefox 17.0.1 on 64 bit Windows 7 Professional, which had previously
failed unless the enable_md5_signatures setting was changed.

Werner Dworak

2012-12-14 21:57

updater   ~0003433

downloaded crl from Testserver [^] [^]

both crl could be imported into FF 17 =>ok


2012-12-16 14:18

updater   ~0003445

From Benedikt in the cacert-support@l.c.o.:
I tried the import Firefox 17 and Thunderbird 16. It works smoothly. Now I wait for the first automatic update on 23rd December. I give feedback thereafter.



2012-12-19 00:54

updater   ~0003472

please do second review and move to production


2013-02-08 16:04

developer   ~0003743

The patch has been installed on the production server (signer!) during a visit to the hosting centre on February 7, 2013. See also
The current version of the SSL configuration files on the signer can be found in SVN as

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