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0001132Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2023-03-14 22:48
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Summary0001132: Main/default language of assurer is not displayed in his profile while contacting him
DescriptionWhen looking for an assurer over the search [1] or the catalogue [2], in the user profile, the main lanuage is blank; only evtl. additional languages are displayed.

- If the assurer has 1 language, the following text is displayed:
  "Language: Xyz prefers to be contacted in"
- If the assurer has >1 languages, the following text is displayed:
  "Language: Xyz prefers to be contacted in"
  "Additional Language: Xyz will also accept email in Deutsch - Schweiz"
  "Additional Language: Xyz will also accept email in fran├žais - Luxembourg"

I tried with the following OS: MacOS X and Windows.
I tried with the following Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome.
I tried with german, french and english as 'prefered language'.
Steps To Reproduce(1a) open the assurer search [1]
or (1b) search an assurer in the catalogue [2]
or (1c) go into your account to the point section [3] (people you assured)

click (2a) on 'send en e-mail'
or (2b) click on the assurer's name

(3) a new page is open as f.ex. [4] (for trilingual Jean-Claude)
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2023-03-14 21:57

reporter   ~0006163

Does someone know, where I could have a look to the code of this page


2023-03-14 22:48

manager   ~0006164

I guess Source\re-sign-class3-2021\cacert\pages\wot\9.php

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