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0001134Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2013-09-24 19:15
ReporterWerner Dworak Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2013 Q1 
Target Version2013 Q2Fixed in Version2013 Q2 
Summary0001134: Delete the board flag thourougly in all parts of our software
DescriptionThe board flag was used for super assurances and other special rights. There seem to be complex interactions with TTP flag and Tverify flag.

In the context of the Thawte patch and the access rights review all tverify flags, old TTP flags and board flags have been removed from all accounts. So on the life system this flag has no longer any immediate impact.

But the board flag can only be seen and changed by the critical sysadmins, not by the SE console. So it is hard to monitor.

On the test system this flag is easy to set. On some tests I have set this flag which led to some strange results. So this flag seems to have some obscure effects hard to comprehend and to follow.

This is unacceptable in the view of Audit, so we should scrutinise what exactly the board flag does or did and to thoroughly extirpate every occurrence of this flag from our software.
Additional Informationfound in www/wot.php
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Reviewed bydastrath, BenBE
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2013-05-01 13:11

updater   ~0003961

pushed fix to

Werner Dworak

2013-05-01 19:51

updater   ~0003972

I stumbled over strange effects with the board flag during
I re-tested this and the old strange behavior disappeared. So it looks like the board flag no longer creates trouble.

There are still some minor inconsistencies, but I assume they are related to bug 1112 or bug 1054. Marcus will care for it.


2013-05-21 20:48

updater   ~0004012

please review. We only have one test as we do not see a good test senceario.


2013-06-04 22:09

administrator   ~0004043

Review looks good ... ;-)


2013-06-11 22:48

updater   ~0004052

Reviewed by Dirk last week


2013-06-26 13:42

developer   ~0004080

The fix has been installed on the production server on June 26, 2013. See also:

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