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0001170Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-05-13 10:13
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Product Version2013 Q2 
Target Version2013 Q2 
Summary0001170: Various Client Certificates unable to login
DescriptionWhile generating test certificates the following issues have been found:

1. Keys longer than 4096bit RSA cause trouble logging in:
1a) test-4097rsa -> Connection Reset in Firefox (Linux)
1b) test-8192rsa -> Connection Reset in Firefox (Linux)
1c) test-16384rsa -> Connection Reset in Firefox (Linux)
--> Though signing works properly

2. Keys with EC crypto
2a) test-sect571k1 -> Error code: sec_error_no_memory in Firefox (Linux)
2b) test-sect571k1 -> Error 13 (net::ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY): Unknown error in Chrome (Linux)
Steps To ReproduceUse XCA to generate some certificates with exotic parameters (EC with various curves, large RSA keys, ...). Sign them as usual (mixed Class 1 and 3 tried, doesn't matter. Activate cert login for this cert. Log out and try to sign in with this new certificate.
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2013-04-27 22:54

updater   ~0003923

1a) test-4097rsa -> Chromium 25.0 (Linux) ->Fehler 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL-Protokollfehler

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