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0000119Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2014-12-02 22:17
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Summary0000119: Policy URL
DescriptionThe Policy URL implemented into the OpenPGP signatures from CAcert is this one:
But this is the Privacy Policy, not the OpenPGP signature issueing policy.
The URL of the privacy policy should changed to perhaps, and the page should give a proper signature issueing policy, since the URL is already used in the signatures.

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2006-02-18 19:13

reporter   ~0000081

In point of fact, I can't find a copy of the Certification Practice Statement (CPS) anywhere on the website. If there is such a beast to be found, could someone please point me to it?


2012-12-16 23:49

updater   ~0003449

Link is a fixed link in current (2003) Root Key, so cannot easily be changed

in Root Key
Netscape-ZS-Richtlinien-URL ->

note 2:
CPS can be found under
as => CertificationPracticeStatement.php


2014-12-02 22:17

updater   ~0005155

fixed with

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