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0001203CATS.cacert.orgOtherpublic2013-09-02 10:59
Reporterlaw Assigned ToTed  
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Target Versionproduction 
Summary0001203: session_register was removed in PHP 5.4
Descriptionsession_register is used by index.php:3
Upgrading to php 5.4 broke cats. As an emergency fix, this line was commented in the production system.


The usage of session_register does not make any sense to me in this place anyway.

Why was this not noticed with 0001191?
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2013-08-20 00:33

administrator   ~0004233


2013-08-20 20:50

updater   ~0004243

Patch looks okay.


2013-09-02 10:59

administrator   ~0004266

Lowering priority since a patch is active on the production system and was reviewed by one SA (note that this is not software under SP).

While dicussing why this was not noticed in 0001191 it was noted that a similar change to the source code is in effect on the CATS test system. As a followup I suggest to the CATS software owner to bring the code in the (github) repository, the test system and the production system in sync and/or to use git branching feature to manage different versions/stages of the software.
The file in question is not versioned, but a template is. The SCM on the production system also shows changes in it's working copy, which imho should not be the case on a production system.

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