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0001204Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-08-20 19:25
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Summary0001204: Users table requires enhancement to follow AP definitions regarding names
AP 0.1. Definition of Terms
    A Name is the full name of an individual

AP 2.1. The Member's Name
The Name is recorded as a string of characters, encoded in unicode transformation format.

AP 2.2. Multiple Names and variations
In order to handle the contradictions in the above general standard, a Member may record multiple Names or multiple variations of a Name in her CAcert online Account.

By migration to a one-string name field also bug
probably can be easily solved.

The technical challenge is to split assurances given to individual names
So if one name is in the drivers license, but the member didn't presents the drivers license in the assurance, this name cannot be confirmed.
One idea from the years 2007-2009 while writing AP and the topic has been discussed was, to split assurance points over several names with references to the Id documents shown (see capnew.php development)
eg. 35 pts max -> 15 pts on Passport, 10 pts on Id card, 10 pts on drivers license. But this system isn't applicable 'cause the it doesn't reflect the purpose of assurance: does the member agrees on Arbitration, accepts the Risks, accepts the Obligations by accepting CCA?

What we can do in the assure someone form is to present all entered different names, place checkboxes behind the names, and make one assurance, signaling, these names I can confirm from shown Id documents.

In the meanwhile we also made some progress in the Assurance area with the
"relaxed rules" deployment, that fullfils AP 2.2 Multiple Names and variations
Additional Informationdespite this topic has been discussed back in 2009, no bug ticket has been created yet
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related to 0000920 needs workEva error "First and/or last names were blank." conflicts with International Requirements (eg Indonesian Names (Givenname only)) 


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