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0001205Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-08-20 20:48
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Product Version2013 Q3 
Summary0001205: Refactor certificate creation routines into /includes/
DescriptionThere is an old idea to dismantle the wot.php and account.php to remove duplicate functionality for certificate signing.

The main reason is, that the routines for certificate creation are mostly identical but have been implemented 4 times:
- Once for User Client certs
- Once for User Server certs
- Once for Org Client certs
- Once for Org Server certs

All those routines are very simular, except for some bits.
This could be centralized to a function with flags.

The starter was Bug 0000790 to add CSR pasting to Org Client certs, a function, that already works for User Client certs and User Server certs, and probably also for Org Server certs.

Another feature request (don't know the bug#), was to add a confirmation page in the create certs process.

By dismantling the certificate creation routines into smaller functions, another workflow level could be easily implemented, e.g. to insert an additional confirmation page into the certificate creation process.

The work in Bug 0000824 was a case study, that pasting a CSR works. But the real hard work never got picked up.

And for Bug 0000440 development in this direction stopped, as SA decided to do a re-development of the CSR extract routine (aka ASN.1)
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2013-08-20 20:48

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An update for the description and title of this bug.

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