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0001274Infrastructuregeneralpublic2014-06-01 18:30
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Summary0001274: DMARC for
DescriptionImplement DMARC for CACert so that receivers know what to do with mails that are not from CACert. DMARC is very simple to set up, and allows you to find out what's going on with your email infrastructure.
Steps To Reproduce$ dig txt
Additional InformationRecommended process is to set up DMARC in monitoring mode (p=none) and then move gradually to reject (p=reject) once satisfied with the results.

I can help with this.
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related to 0000679 new Infrastructure request email are DKIM signed 
related to 0000545 new Main CAcert Website dkim deployment 



2014-04-21 18:29

reporter   ~0004748

Also goes hand in hand with the DKIM suggestion(s) at
0000679 and 0000545


2014-06-01 18:30

administrator   ~0004794

Thank you for your suggestions. We will consider this during the upcoming reconfiguration of the email server and may get back to you later.

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