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0001284Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2014-09-18 16:37
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PlatformTest CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS VersionTest
Summary0001284: Ca-mgr1: user names with special characters (e.g. äöü) get displayed incorrectly
DescriptionWhen beeing logged in into the manager as a user with special characters in his full name, these characters get displayed incorrectly in the in the test-manager-interface in the user-box (lower right corner)
Steps To ReproduceCreate a user with special characters in name on test system.
Log into the manager.
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Test Instructionsplease see note 5016



2014-09-18 16:22

updater   ~0005016

Last edited: 2014-09-18 16:33

Test procedure:

first part:
create an account on Username must contain national characters.
validate this account.
login on and choose details
the usernames should be shown displaying correct national characters.

make an assurance on this account
you need a second account. manage this one and set 100 points, then choose "Assurer Challenge". Now login to

In the menu you choose assurance. Enter email and birthdate of national user.
The username should be displayed correctly showing national characters.
Perform the assurance.
Choose "my points" in the menu and check that the listing of assurees displays correctly the national characters of your last assurance. Then logout.

Now login with credentials of that national user and check details and points.
The personal details should display the national characters correctly.
The assurance should have completed successfully.

Make your remark "Test OK on" / "Test failed on"

second part:
login on the test manager as the usre with national characters in its name.
Check the speeling of all names in the right corner at the bottom.
Here the user name should be displayed corrently.

Make your remark "Test OK on" / "Test failed on"

If both parts completed correctly then mark the test as "test completed successfully".


2014-09-18 16:37

updater   ~0005017

I performed the test as described. I created a new user

282498 2014-09-18 Römhild Frätür Än Ött 0 virtueller Extaseraum Persönliches Treffen

and performed an assurance afterwards.

Test OK on

Then i checked the dashboard of testmanager.
Test failed on

Actual status: Test failed

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