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0001287Main CAcert Websitepublic2021-04-05 18:04
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Summary0001287: Inclusion in Fedora of CAcert root cert
DescriptionCAcert root certificate can't be included into Fedora due to legal requirements.

Citing Spot:

«It seems clear from the lack of response to my query that no one from CAcert that is posting on this ticket is a lawyer.

»Red Hat has lawyers who review license issues, whether they be on content, code, certificates, or greased ferrets. They've reviewed the CAcert terms and advised us that they do not meet the minimum requirements for Fedora to include them.

»If there is an actual lawyer on the CAcert side who would be willing to correspond with Red Hat Legal on this issue, please feel free to either have them reach out to me, or send me their contact information and I will be sure to connect them with Red Hat Legal.»

I'm open to help some qualifed one to discuss this with the Fedora/Redhat team.
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