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0001290Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2014-07-16 19:31
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Summary0001290: Information that there is no option to renew signature on PGP key, the key has to be added again
DescriptionIt is not possible to get a direct new (additional) signature on a PGP key, when the validity of the CAcert signature runs out. Instead one has to upload the PGP key again and request a new signature, again. (As one would have to do with another PGP key.)

As this is quite different of how x509 certificates are treated, it would be good to add a short explanation about this to the "show pgp keys" page, how one can "renew" the CAcert signature (and maybe even why the current process is set up like it is).
Steps To ReproduceAdd a pgp key to an account and request a signature from CAcert.

Go to the "show PGP"-page and try to "renew" the signature. This is not possible (which is ok) but there is not explanation or description.
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