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0001291Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2014-11-21 06:49
ReporterEva Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2012 Q2 
Target Version2014 Q3Fixed in Version2014 Q3 
Summary0001291: executable code can be entered in location field, executable on wot15
DescriptionIt is possible to enter executable code in the location field of assurances.

WoT 10 will escape such entries. WoT 15 does not. An exploit works there.

This is described in a dispute from 2012-05-22.

It would be good if
a) WoT15 would escape the display of such codes
b) it would be blocked such entries into the location field at all, for example by refusing to accept anything that contains "<" followed later by ">".
Steps To ReproduceAssure an account with "<script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>"
Go to WoT 15 for assurer, assuree or support console.
A popup with "Fail!" will appear.

(Other things like bold or italic ... can also be entered, but are not critcal.)
Additional InformationI tested this with the Account doing assurances over (<script>bla</script>) (bla) // bla in italic (<script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>)
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Reviewed byNEOatNHNG, BenBE
Test Instructions



2014-07-26 18:22

updater   ~0004893

I tried the same things on the free fields of the account creation page for the account

The last name, pw and one pw-answer were "<script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>", all other free fields had entries with ... or ....

It seemed that all entries were escaped before they were entered in the DB, at least I did not find any hint anywhere (own account, assurer, support) that the tags were entered. They seem to be removed (or escaped in the case of the PW.

However when I entered the PW in the test-management-page for the email-ping, the script was executed.


2014-07-26 18:28

updater   ~0004894

Last edited: 2014-07-26 18:29

After this post from Eva,

I look via SE console in the account of

First Name: bla
Middle Name: blub
Last Name: alert("FAIL!");

I change to Middle Name:
<script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>

and push the Go Button

the SE Console show

First Name: bla
Middle Name: alert(\"FAIL!\");
Last Name: alert(\"FAIL!\");


2014-07-27 11:00

updater   ~0004896

Ready for testing on testserver.


2014-07-27 11:12

updater   ~0004898

1. checked how old entries worked:
I looked at WoT15 points for
-> everything was escaped correctly
-> ok

I looked from the support console on the WoT15 assurances of the following accounts:
-> everything was escaped correctly
-> ok

2. checked with new assurance
I entered an assurnance from over with the location <script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>

Then I checked:
- points of (WoT10 and WoT15)
- points of (WoT10 and WoT15)
- support console, assurances given by (WoT10 and WoT15)
- support console, assurances gotten by (WoT10 and WoT15)
-> everything was escaped correctly
-> ok

=> ok for behavior change of WoT 15


2014-07-27 11:45

updater   ~0004899

I assured with <script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>in the location field.

No popup was given. => ok

Looking at my points no popup => ok
Looking at SE console no popup => ok

Location shows alert("FAIL!") => ok

=> ok


2014-07-27 12:28

updater   ~0004900

Last edited: 2014-07-27 12:28

I tried to assure an account with syntactic incorrect but possibly working entry <script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!"); in location field.

Assurance was done with over

When I looked at the tables there was always the correct entry (checked with looking at source).
=> ok


2014-07-27 14:31

updater   ~0004901

Added workaround for issue reported by magu on wot 6. Please retest. Especially umlauts, special characters and other stuff.


2014-07-27 14:45

updater   ~0004902

Last edited: 2014-07-27 14:48

I do not know WHAT should be re-tested.

Also the question is: is this bug the same bug, as the original reported one? If not, please move this to another bug, so that they do not have to wait for each other.


2014-07-27 21:13

updater   ~0004904

Could you please explain the issue and how to test if it is fixed?


2014-07-28 11:48

administrator   ~0004905

Last edited: 2014-07-28 11:50

I have reviewed the changes and they look OK.

Testing: try to insert malicious content into the name fields, the location, and the date and check if it is effective in the new point overview (wot 15) or in the assure someone page (wot 6). Also try some special but allowable inputs such as special characters not in latin1.


2014-07-29 21:48

updater   ~0004906

I assured an account with umlauts. I detected no issue. But I did not detect issues with this, befor the followup-patch.

I used again <script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script> in the location field.

Had no problems in any of the views afterwards.

=> ok


2014-07-29 21:50

updater   ~0004907

Minor fixup to resynchronize the calculation of the wothash based on the name of the user. While the wot/6.php included the sanitizing it was missing in www/wot.php causing failures to assure some users. This has just been fixed by pulling the escaping to be present at the place where it is checked.

This should not require to repeat the review; though I'm open if anyone sees need anyway.


2014-07-29 21:56

updater   ~0004909

My last test was after the last change from Benny (see changelog), as I first was not able to finish the assurance for said test and only could do so after his change.


2014-07-29 23:19

updater   ~0004912

Last edited: 2014-07-29 23:20

use <script type="text/javascript">alert("FAIL!");</script>

assure special account
 location       -> OK
  history       -> OK
  SE            -> OK
  10            -> OK
  15            -> OK

=> OK


2014-08-09 09:22

developer   ~0004928

The fix has been installed on the production server on August 9, 2014. See also:

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