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0001296Community Portal ( 19:53
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Summary0001296: Mails sent by "Find an Assurer" should also be sent to original sender

The community portal, menu "CAcert Web of Trust", submenu "Find an Assurer", allows sending an email to an assurer for arranging a meeting, etc.

It would be very helpful if this message is sent to one's main email address, too. To avoid any privacy issues, sending it via BCC or sending it as an entirely separate message might be recommended.

Steps To Reproduce* Login.
* Go to
* Select location and radius.
* Click the link "Email Me" of some listed assurer.
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related to 0001299 new Main CAcert Website Mails sent by "Find an Assurer" should also be sent to original sender 



2014-08-11 12:56

reporter   ~0004934

Issue should better be assigned to the "Main CAcert Website" project.


2014-08-12 19:53

updater   ~0004936

duplicate of 1299. Posted in the wrong project

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