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0001304Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2014-10-28 13:21
Reporterfelixd Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
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Product Version2014 Q2 
Target Version2014 Q3 
Summary0001304: Discrepancy in wot.php?id=3 with current assurance process
DescriptionI just discovered text on "CAcert Web of Trust/Rules" (AKA /wot.php?id=3) that describes the process of entering an assurance, but mismatches the current forms:


After the meeting, visit the CAcert Web site's make an Assurance page and:

* Enter the applicant's email address;
* Compare the online information to the information recorded on the paper form;

Note that due to a recent bug/patch, the Date of Birth of the assuree has to be entered to in order to view his personal data.
Steps To ReproduceOpen "CAcert Web of Trust/Rules".
Read the text.
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Reviewed byBenBE
Test InstructionsVisit CAcert WOT Rules and check that the text matches the current process to assure someone.


related to 0001226 closedBenBE add DoB to selection of assuree 



2014-09-10 20:45

updater   ~0005001

I uploaded a patch into this github repo:


2014-09-10 21:05

updater   ~0005002

Please test and review this change.


2014-09-14 21:36

updater   ~0005006

Last edited: 2014-09-14 21:37

I went to said page.

The description matches more or less the current process. But the English is hard to understand and I believe in some cases incorrect.

The layout is not consistent (empty lines).

The privacy-part is not correct. IF requested by an Arbitrator in a duly field arbitration case, the information on the CAP form or even the CAP form itself has to be presented to the Arbitrator or any person defined ba the Arbitrator.

Regarding the fees we should add that there never should be fees for the assurance itself.

The liability is not dependent on the knowledge of the assurer. An assurer IS liable in any case, as any assurer should read the AP, AH and should have shown this knowlede in the CATs, which should be renewed now and again. Also assurer should keep themselves updated on assurance matters.

The assurance process description itself may have passed this test, but the page altogether fails this test.


2014-10-07 22:04

updater   ~0005048

a newer commit changes the text according to today's telco.


2014-10-15 20:11

updater   ~0005052

I logged into the system and went to the Rules page for the Assurances.

The text is a great improvement to the original one.

While I find some points where another wording may be a little bit more appropriate and would clarifiy some points some more (especially to the people we want to address with this page who are less familiar with the assurance process than most members of the software telco), I think that this is quite a good summary of the process.

As this is a real improvement to the current state and as there are a lot other pressing bugs I think we should use this version. It is solves the issue of the bug.

If somebody wants to do another go and has the time for it, it should be easily enough to either re-open the bug or open a new one.

=> OK


2014-10-21 19:13

updater   ~0005064

The text is displayed. the links work

=> ok


2014-10-21 21:05

updater   ~0005068

Last edited: 2014-10-28 13:20

text is displayed -> OK
links work -> OK
=> OK


2014-10-28 13:21

updater   ~0005074

please review the patch. There are at least three successful tests.

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