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0000133Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-13 16:48
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Fixed in Version2009 Q4 
Summary0000133: find assurer shows wrong places
Descriptionif chosen "Lichtenau, Bayern, germany" within 10Km there will be shown one assurer, but in this case "Werner G" is localized near by munich (ca. 250km away).
If I eg. set my location to "Hessen, Germany" instead of "Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany" then the System set this to "Hessen, SACHSEN-ANHALT, germany" what is wrong.
Additional Informationcould be a better City, Region, Land search (eg. with drop down lists) be implemented where Assurer and "Searcher" could do no misstakes. Then could be the Text "der Standort ist geändert" a bit bold or another color?!
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2006-08-16 14:23

developer   ~0000531

The bigger issue here is fixing up the location data so easily spotted mistakes get the correct long/lat...

This is really an issue for someone looking after location in Euorpe/Germany to fix...

Should locations "issues" be setup as it's own Project?


2006-08-21 19:07

reporter   ~0000621

I want to help fixing up the location data in Germany.

Please tell me more information about the location database,
and where I can fix it.


2006-08-22 16:42

reporter   ~0000625

I have fixed the problem with the longitude and latitude of "Lichtenau, Bayern, Germany".

Please verify it.


2006-08-23 07:37

reporter   ~0000626

why not a
Where users could propose new locations
and reviewers could see it on google map
Then people could vote like tverify :)


2006-08-23 15:59

developer   ~0000628

Is that an offer to code it? :)


2006-08-23 17:29

reporter   ~0000630

Last edited: 2006-08-23 17:42

To show the locations from the db in google maps,
I will code a version for testing.

But I need the real date of the location db, e.g. from Bayern, Germany(regid=1183).

Do you think about loading external code from google maps in a secure https site??

You can show what I mean on this site:

Here you see that "Verbindung nur teilweise verschlüsselt" (Connection partly codes), I don`t now if this is good for cacert site.

On this site I marker the first 180 locations from Bayern,
the lat on lon are from my database, but theirs already a speed problem with google map.


2009-10-04 15:23

developer   ~0001497

Closed without fixing. WONTFIX.

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