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0001339Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2015-06-23 20:09
ReporterBenBE Assigned ToBenBE  
Status solved?Resolutionfixed 
Product Version2012 Q1 
Target Version2014 Q4 
Summary0001339: Account Pwnage using OTP hash
DescriptionWhile reviewing the OTP related code due to a support request on that topic a problem was found that could be used to take over someone else's account if that account has an OTP hash and/or an additional OTP pin set. In addition a bug in the OTP implementation was found related to the OTP PIN being ineffective.
Steps To ReproduceBrute force guess hard enough and long enough random 6 hex-digit passwords until you are in. Your last try is the account's new password.
Additional InformationA PoC has been tested on the test system and succeeded in less then 6 hours (using about 250k guesses).

While reviewing the code other problems related to OTP management have been found:
- Missing rate limiting (simplifying the PoC)
- Missing format checks (you could attack both 6 and 8 digit OTPs as both are accepted)
- Missing visual feedback on the user interface if an OTP hash is present
- Missing documentation
- Several other issues related in the implementation
TagsNo tags attached.
Reviewed byNEOatNHNG, BenBE
Test InstructionsTry to set an OTP Hash/PIN (Lost Password Questions page), try to login using OTP, try OTP login when OTP hash set in DB; all should fail


related to 0001341 solved?BenBE Rate limit for login attempts 



2014-11-16 00:29

updater   ~0005106

Patch internally available for the Software Assessors to review. Will be applied to the test system on short notice when reviews are done.


2014-11-18 18:44

updater   ~0005108

Last edited: 2014-11-18 18:44

test before install the patch on test system

Set an OTP Hash and OTP Pin

Login with email and passcode

Change Password

Login with new Password


2014-11-18 18:50

updater   ~0005109

Second review received by NEOatNHNG via private (signed) mail.

The Critical Admin Team has been notified of the upcoming patch to prepare for quick action.


2014-11-18 19:47

updater   ~0005110

Patch pushed in git and installed on testserver.


2014-11-18 19:47

updater   ~0005111

Test after install patch on test system

Login with username an password works
-> OK

no fields for OTP Hash and OTP Pin
-> OK

=> OK


2014-11-18 19:50

updater   ~0005112

Last edited: 2014-11-18 19:51

Set OTP hash and OTP PIN
first test before patch update:
Login with OTP passphrase: Login successful, redirected to password change page account.php?id=14 with red bar. OLD passphrase is OTP passphrase.

second test after update:
Login with OTP passphrase: failed. => ok
Login with normal passphrase: successful =>ok


2014-11-18 19:52

updater   ~0005113

Patch sent to Critical Admin Team


2014-11-18 22:12

updater   ~0005114

Update the bug entry on to "Solved?" with a message stating when the patch was installed on the production server, and including a reference to the e-mail sent out in step 10, which can be found in the cacert-systemlog archives at

Just sent out the email


2015-06-22 18:30

updater   ~0005409

Why is this bug private and closed?

Normaly bugs should not be required to be private at a stage where they can be closed.


2015-06-23 20:09

updater   ~0005411

Reopened due to ongoing arbitration a20141118.1 related to this issue.

As the related issue 0001341 has been resolved the information of this issue can also be publicly shown.

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