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0001343Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2016-02-26 19:44
Reporterwytze Assigned ToNEOatNHNG  
Status ready to deployResolutionopen 
PlatformMain CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS Versionstable
Product Version2014 Q4 
Target Version2014 Q4Fixed in Version2015 Q3 
Summary0001343: CommModule does not respond correctly to start/stop commands
DescriptionThe CAcert CommModule code requires a minor fix to respond correctly to the "service commmodule stop" command.
The current code does not properly take Perl operator priority into account.
Steps To ReproduceTry to stop the running signing server ( process) with:
    service commmodule stop
(NOTE: on the test servers: service commmodule-signer stop).
Observe that the process continues running.
Additional InformationContext diff for the source code fix is:

@@ -1002,7 +1002,7 @@
 my $count=0;

 #As soon as the client connected successfully, the client has to send a request faster than every 10 seconds
-while(@ready = $sel->can_read(15) && -f "./")
+while((@ready = $sel->can_read(15)) && -f "./")
   my $data="";
   #my $length=read SER,$data,1;
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Reviewed byNEOatNHNG, BenBE
Test InstructionsSee Steps to Reproduce



2015-03-03 20:40

updater   ~0005340

Tested by Crit (wytze) when providing the original patch.
Also tested by me when restarting the CommModule recently when I applied patches on the testserver.


2015-07-29 17:02

administrator   ~0005442

Patch looks OK, although I'm not Perl-literate enough to get why it was not working before. Yes, the @ready would contain a different value, but shouldn't that be false too if the is missing?


2015-08-25 20:22

updater   ~0005457

Tested on a local installation: The Signer seems to behave identically with or without the brackets. In both cases the perl command terminated within 20 seconds.

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