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0000139Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2013-01-13 16:53
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Fixed in Version2007 
Summary0000139: CAcert does not sign previously signed Sub-IDs
DescriptionWhen a key was signed by CAcert a year ago, and the signature expired, and CAcert tries to sign it again now, it simply isn´t signed, and the old signature isn´t updated.
This will lead to massive problems soon, when the signatures of many users expire.
CAcert should try to delete the old signatures first, and then apply fresh signatures.
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2007-11-04 01:28

administrator   ~0000942

This problem should be solved since we are using the CommModule. (about 1 year ago)


2007-12-26 23:02

administrator   ~0000975

Problem has been solved.

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