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0001401Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2021-08-25 13:39
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Product Version2015 Q3 
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Summary0001401: Names containing non-ascii characters are displayed incorrectly on the website
DescriptionThis (anonymized) support request was received by

My email: xxxxx
My first name: xxxxx
My middle name: xxxxx
My last name: Żxxxxx

However, my last name at (ie.
My Details View/Edit) is 'Żxxxxx'

Where 'Ż' is a decimal html encoding of 'Ż'.

Unicode Decimal Code Ż

Symbol Name:Latin Capital Letter Z With Dot Above
Html Entity:
Hex Code:Ż
Decimal Code:Ż
Unicode Group:Latin Extended-A

Could this be fixed in the database to be 'Żxxxxx' (presumably
correctly UTF-8 encoded)?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- answered with:

The database contains the Ż encoding, which I believe to be correct
(according to the way the CAcert application code works in general).
The display is indeed not correct, which IMHO opinion is caused by a code
change made on 7 June 2014, in particular the change to pages/account/13.php,
which is now passing the database values through the sanitizeHTML() function.
This function is transforming the & to &, causing the first character of
this user's name to be passed to the browser as &0000379; which will result
in the bad display experienced by this user.

I suggest to file an issue on for this problem, it requires
a (set of) code change(s) to fix it.

FYI: I have attached the checkin notification containing the offending
change -- unfortunately it was rather complex and large.

The checkin notification mentioned above can be found at:

Unfortunately, the suggestion to report this issue on was not followed up by CAcert Support. Hence does it now.
Steps To ReproduceRegister a name containing a special character like Ż and observe the way it is displayed on
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