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0001403CATS.cacert.orgContent (Questions and Answers)public2015-12-03 08:41
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Summary0001403: Add additional CATS tests for Data Privacy (Test & Prod)
DescriptionOut of Incidents i20140814.1 and i20140625.1, a data privacy CATS should be added binding for all people within CAcert handling personal data and voluntary for assurers. To divide the different needs for data privacy by different roles, following CATS tests are recommended:

1) general data privacy CATS test
2) special data privacy CATS test for Triage and Support Engineers
3) special data privacy CATS test for Infrastructure Admins
4) special data privacy CATS test Arbitrators and Case Managers

Since we cannot identify a person's roll by his/her certificate, the CATS should be freely available for everyone.

The CATS should be available in Test & Prod system.

Additional InformationThe questions and answers can be provided by myself, if you grant me the rights needed. The public key of the certificate is attached.
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2015-10-12 20:07

administrator   ~0005465


you should now be able to log in to the development CATS ( using the attached certificate. If you are not, please tell me, this is the first time I tried to add someone manually.

Your account has admin rights, so you are able to create new questions/answers. The four tests you proposed are already created but still waiting for questions.

So far for the development system. Before I transfer any tests from the development system to the productive system there should be a written procedure (in the WiKi?) defining how a proposed test is to be reviewed, or otherwise verified to be acceptable.


2015-10-12 20:19

updater   ~0005466

Last edited: 2015-10-12 20:19

Hey Ted,

Access to the CATS Test Server's Admin Panel works and I can add Questions.

Once done, we should discuss the review & transfer procedure with Software.


2015-10-13 19:39

updater   ~0005467

Installed on Test Server as:

INSERT INTO cats_type (id, type_text) VALUES (2, 'Data Privacy Quiz');

INSERT INTO cats_variant (type_id, test_text) VALUES(2, 'Data Privacy Quiz (generic)');
INSERT INTO cats_variant (type_id, test_text) VALUES(2, 'Data Privacy Quiz (Triage and Support)');
INSERT INTO cats_variant (type_id, test_text) VALUES(2, 'Data Privacy Quiz (Infrastructure Admins)');
INSERT INTO cats_variant (type_id, test_text) VALUES(2, 'Data Privacy Quiz (Arbitrators and Case Managers)');


2015-12-03 08:32

updater   ~0005488

Last edited: 2015-12-03 08:41

Benny and I fixed the testserver-CATS-system.

We found out that the changes of #0005467 are not needed as the import script automatically creates that entries.

There needs to be an adjustment to "". Changing the set of to-be-transferred CATS categories, to include the new CATS category.

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