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0001443Infrastructuredocumentationpublic2020-05-22 11:32
Reporterjandd Assigned Tojandd  
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Summary0001443: write a specification of what the current code in does
DescriptionThere is no proper documentation of the existing code base. This documentation is needed to:

- write a proper specification for a potential rewrite
- implement unit tests
- understand the code base which is especially important for anybody wanting to help
Additional InformationDocumentation should be in a version controlled repository. Human readable (HTML) exports should be generated and published automatically. (See for an example how to do this).
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2018-10-26 22:30

administrator   ~0005616

I started a new repository at and setup a Jenkins job that is triggered by pushes to the master branch of that repository. Pushes to this repository via git+ssh protocol are allowed to members of the git-doc group on


2018-10-26 23:53

administrator   ~0005617

I setup publishing on Jenkins and Apache VirtualHost configuration on and has been updated. I requested a DNS CNAME for to make the generated documentation available at I'll update the Jenkins job description when the CNAME has been setup.


2018-10-29 21:27

administrator   ~0005620

The code documentation repository is now mirrored to to encourage contributions.


2018-11-03 14:09

updater   ~0005646

I'll try to get the whole www-directory documented.


2018-11-04 13:13

updater   ~0005652

Is there a way to build a cross-reference-list?
So one can see which file uses which file and is used by which file?


2018-11-04 18:24

administrator   ~0005653

It is possible to use the .. index: macros for cross references but I think it would be better to have something more code centric. I'll see if I find some free time to implement something like the IP address list, ssh key list or certificate list build for infradocs.

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