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0001467Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2019-09-20 17:46
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Product Version2015 Q3 
Summary0001467: Code signing cert access not showing within website.
DescriptionBackground: I have 100 points from several years ago. I’ve filled out the request to get it enabled. No response.

Is anyone needed to look after this? I can devote time to it.
Steps To ReproduceLogin under my username/password.
Additional InformationPlease email for credentials to confirm, if allowed/necessary.
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2019-09-20 17:46

administrator   ~0005838

Part of the current problem is that support is seriously understaffed.

Sadly this cannot be easily remedied, since support staff members need some additional requesites (a background check), which takes several months to complete if enough Arbitrators are available to do the job.

I'll try to push your application by personal contact, but cannot promise anything...

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