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0001477Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2020-02-11 13:07
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Summary0001477: is no more available
DescriptionAs the domain is now redirected to, the subdomain is no more available. The issue is, that in the time we distributed or sold coffee cups with a QR quode linking to that sub domain.

I have no idea about the content of this sub domain, as at the internet archive the site is not recorded, but at least it should be redirected to a running service.
Steps To ReproduceTake a coffee cup:

Follow the QR code.
It goes to

At is an error message: Site could not be found. (Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden)
If I change to it is redirected to
Additional InformationAs this cups are still somewhere, it would be nice to fix or redirect it.
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