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0001502Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2021-02-03 13:09
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Summary0001502: Website should be more user friendly
DescriptionMany question for Support team concern few problems.
#1 - a common user is trying to get a client certificate e. g. for e-mail security. When s/he uses browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari etc,, s/he sees the following error message (roughly): No valid CSR received. Try another browser. The Wiki articles exist with solutions of just this. Will it be possible to add a link to the specific Wiki article?

The most frequent questions to Support:
. My browser is unable to create and submit CSR, (Wiki:
- I am unable to renew my certificate (Wiki:
- My system reports the private key needed, where to find it (Wiki:
- How to convert binary P10 formatted CSR to Base64 format (Wiki:
- Digital signing of documents (e.g. Wiki: and more)
...and several other.
Steps To ReproduceTry to make a client cert via Firefox browser. Look at the error message. The Wiki articles solving this are, and
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2021-02-03 13:09

manager   ~0005956

Proposal for a quick but efficient fix.
It might look like that (consensus with AleŇ° and Dirk):

* change as least as possible the text of the UI, in order to avoid to change it in many langages at once

* make the checkbox "Show advanced options" checked by default (please see attached screenshot)

* add a default explanation text in the CSR input field (text box) where the CSR has to be pasted

* such a text might look like that:

  "Please pay attention that Certificate Signing Request is not optional anymore. It is mandatory to copy and paste a CSR into this box. The certificate generation won't work in case you do not provide a CSR. Please clear this text and paste your CSR here."

* ideally, such text should be in written grey, in the background of the CSR input field, then disapear by itself as soon as the user pastes a CSR or type any character in the input box.

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