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0001503Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2021-02-02 22:14
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Summary0001503: Updating Wiki article ends with "Gateway Timeout" very often
DescriptionAfter finishing an article update/new one, the web waits about 2-3 mins, then it reports the 504 Gateway timeout" error. Despite that, the article is saved. It's only that the 2-3 minutes of fear occurs.
Steps To ReproduceMake an update of a Wiki article.
TagsWiki;Gateway timeout;
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Test InstructionsMake an update of a Wiki article.



2021-02-02 19:00

administrator   ~0005954

I can confirm this behaviour, which I have experienced for some months (? surely since December).

The changes are obviously saved "immediately", you can see them when opening the page in a different tab while the "saving" tab is still busy.


2021-02-02 22:14

reporter   ~0005955

If I heard correctly from a representative of the Critical Team, the reduced bandwidth is related to other things that are now being processed.
The problem can be easily worked around:
1. Save
2. wait 3-5s
3. reload page
In fact, the page hangs just after saving.

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